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Omarosa, the woman who does all she can to get attention, recently appeared on the Wendy Williams TV show.  Omarosa is a lot like New York, from “I Love New York”, just a little cuter on the outside, but far uglier on the inside.  She sold out another brother on The Apprentice, and seems to think that she is destined for stardom.

As this woman works overtime to keep her 15 minutes of fame on the move, she will slowly find that all the social hoeing, hating, hooking and manipulating she is doing to get ahead is not going to serve her well in this life.  I am sure that her love and her men are just as shallow and fake as her smile and her breasts.  In fact, she probably can’t keep a man anyway.

Omarosa, going head to head with Wendy Williams is cute, but the truth is that whatever you have inside of you that keeps you unhappy needs to be dealt with.  You’re an ugly human being.

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