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Several weeks ago I wrote a column called “How to leave your husband.”

It did not say “Leave your husband now,” “Get divorced immediately” or even “Wash that man right out of your hair.” It was about preparing yourself financially when your marriage is already ending.

Yet judging by the letters and message board posts that poured in, you would think that I had launched a campaign to corrupt women by showing them how to destroy a marriage in 45 seconds or less.

Here’s a typical letter, from an angry reader named Mike:

“Women who think and act like this DESERVE to be divorced and hopefully left with nothing. As for the author of this article, what gives you the right to preach that it is OK for a wife to STEAL from her husband because she is not happy! You are a pathetic excuse for a woman.”

Most of the letters were from men. Many were morally outraged. And most said: Why don’t you write about how to leave your wife without going broke?

Fair enough

So I called divorce lawyer Gayle Rosenwald Smith, the author of “Divorce and Money: Everything You Need to Know.” The advice she would give men facing divorce, she says, is pretty much what she would tell women.

Although many of the men who wrote in swore that women get the upper hand in divorce court, Smith would argue that point, based on decades of practicing family law in Philadelphia.

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