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1. He’s extra helpful.
If your guy shows a sudden interest in doing dishes or picking out sheets at Bed, Bath & Beyond, he may be trying to prove he’s husband material. "Before he pops the question, he’ll subconsciously seek out ways to show off his domestic side," says Tamsen Fadal, co-author of Why Hasn’t He Proposed? "He wants to make sure you see him as a partner who pulls his weight."
2. He talks himself up.
Even though you have a career of your own and can take care of yourself, most men still want to be on solid financial footing (good job, decent salary, clear credit) before getting engaged. "It’s instinctual for men to want to provide for their partner," says Les Parrott, PhD, clinical psychologist and author of Crazy Good Sex. "So they’ll frequently point out their ability to do so in the weeks leading up to an engagement." That means he may brag a little about an accomplishment at work or casually hint that he’s receiving a larger than usual bonus.
3. He acts like you just started dating.
Think back to the past few weeks. Has your guy been unusually attentive? Maybe he’s brought you just-because flowers or taken you out on elaborate dates. "He’s pulling out all the stops to make sure that when the time comes, you say yes," explains Fadal. Yeah, it’s a tad sneaky, but he’s also making those gestures because he’s genuinely excited about the possibility of marrying you. "Planning a proposal reignites that new love buzz for a lot of men," says Parrott.


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