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by Nicole Spence

So my 4th was pretty much wack! Lol. I didn’t do anything other than start the day off getting faded with my Homie Wid crying and watching the Michael Jackson tribute on TV!
A cool day. That’s when I get a phone call, from a blast from the past, who apparently thought since it was the holiday weekend it would be a good day to start digging in the crates! We’ll call him Bob, Bob the builder, because he’s in construction.
Bob gets on my last damn nerves, and Saturday was the day that I had to tell him about his ass!

Bob and I were intimate, but there wasn’t any sparks! I thought and still think that he lacks intimacy skills and we most definitely didn’t speak the same sex language. Lol. I laugh now, but that shit used to irritate the f%@k outta me! Like first off he’s cool after 1 ight Session!! Yup he’s a One Nutter! WTH?? Come on brother, you’re like how old?? Let’s get it going again. And to make matters worse, he would take forever to return to the bedroom from the bathroom after the session. I mean I’m talking about a good 8mins! WTF was he doing in there??!! So of course I was annoyed and turned off like nobody’s business each time that this would happen.
Bob felt the cold shoulder that I intended him to feel and he inquired one day, that’s when I told him “We don’t speak the same sex language”! What! He screams Nicole you’re crazy!! Crazy?? I’m not, crazy! You’re the one who takes like 10mins to come out of the bathroom, and then walks around the apartment like there can be anything else to do round this b%@ch, besides the obvious! And do you know why he said he takes so long in the bathroom??!! This grown man who is highly educated and quite successful no kids having ass was doing??? He pees in the condom, to make sure there isn’t a HOLE!!! OMG! This is just wrong on sooo many levels, I felt instantly like I was back in high school sneaking a phuck with my high school boo who was also sexually challenged!

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