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by Nicole Spence

I just love my guy friends we just always seem to engage in the craziest of personal conversations. Last night a friend of mine, hmmm let’s call him Jack. Jack and I got together with my girlfriend Jihan and a light skin guy friend of his, whose name escapes me at the moment.

We of course start knocking back the drinks and adult conversation. Jack starts talking about " Yea ya’ll can’t handle me, I’m Nasty in bed!" (Oh word) He explains that has been to several sex parties and all type of menages. Shut Up! Who knew I was friends with such a freak nasty!
So what else do you do Jack? He repeats a lot of shit Nic! But you know what this girl tried to do after she gave me head? What?! I screamed thinking its gonna be some real nasty shit like, peeing on him! Lol. This fool said she tried to kiss me! Wtf?!! Are we Ten?!!

Okkkkk was this a skanky girl that you wouldn’t have kissed otherwise? Jack says Nah that he’s been rocking with ol girl for a while now. So I repeat WTF is the problem then? That’s when he starts to scold me saying "Nicole are you serious?? That’s some nasty shit! That’s GAY! I’m not kissing no girl after she does that shit, not happening!
My response to Jack was then and still is : Grow up you Lame! Are you freaken kidding me??!!

Thank goodness my young lover(clue u in on him next blog..oooo child!) doesn’t share those bullshit hang ups! Jack is entirely too old 33 to be exact and shit almost got married to be walking around slinging lame ass sex! And yes I say it has to be all together wack, because he isn’t all in sexually!
Instantly it became all to clear why jack has always and will remain in the friend zone, I guess I have always smelled the wackness!
And of course he in true lame fashion, he has the ultimate double standard, his ass wants to be kissed after he eats a girl out!
Then What The Hell Is the Problem?!

I wish I could shout his name and command these women to stop sucking this fool’s d**k! But alas I can’t! But you know who you are Jack and Nicole thinks your super Wack!!

And now I’ll ask the rest of you men, do you have a problem with kissing after oral sex?!!

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