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nene leaks

by Patrice Johnson, Your Black World 

Many of us have seen that CRAZY show, Real Housewives of Atlanta and the first thing that we all noticed is Nene Leakes. She is BIG and LOUD! But I think that we should all stop and praise God because rumor has it that she will not be returning to the show. If she does, it will only be for an episode or two but she will no longer be a part of the cast. The reason for that is because of a new woman, Marlo Hampton.

Marlo Hampton has not only taken Nene’s spot on the show but she has also taken Nene’s man! NFL player, Charles Grant has dumped Nene (I guess he couldn’t handle all of the screaming and hollering) and decided to propose to a much more calm, patient, stylish and beautiful woman. Marlo is a stylist for the stars of Atlanta, GA. and I have a feeling that she plus Nene equals much drama to come in the new season!

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