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Let me tell you my story. At 15 I got pregnant.  I was happy and terrified at the same time.  I couldn’t believe I had a baby growing inside me, but I knew I was way too young.  Abortion seemed like my only option.  I couldn’t imagine going through with the pregnancy and giving my baby away.  And my worse fear… my family finding out!  What would they think of me?  I’m a good girl. I go to school. I got a job. And, I cause very little trouble. I tried to tell my mom and even a few older cousins. But, I would shake profusely every time.  I never got the courage. So, at 15, my boyfriend and I had a friend take us to the clinic.  What a memory…

The place is packed with young girls and very few, if any, parents.  It was like an assembly line. First up: a clipboard full of paperwork. I had no idea what to put because I knew very little.  Next up: payment window. Never once did anyone review the paper work that I faked my way through or even attempt to ask for ID. Really! Now it’s my turn to go back.


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