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Say what you want about the new film, “The Help,” but you can’t say that it’s not a hit movie.  In its second week, the film has surged to number one at the box office, earning $20.5 million, according to

The film has now earned $71.8 million, in spite of costing only $25 million to make. 

"Sensational word of mouth is making this an event for adult women," says Gitesh Pandya of "And male business is slowly expanding, too."

“Planet of the Apes” took second place, earning $16.3 million, giving it a total of $133.8 million since it was released.

“The Help” has drawn fire and media attention, after the author of the book, “Kathyrn Stockett”was sued when her brother’s maid found that the story of the woman in the book closely resembled her own.  Also, leading African American female scholars, such as Duchess Harris, have stated that the film is problematic from both racial and historical perspectives.

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